International Studies Association 2015 Annual Conference


I attended the International Studies Association 2015 Annual Conference in New Orleans on Feb. 17-21. I presented a paper at the Junior Scholars Symposium entitled “Critical Minerals for a Clean Future: China’s Rare Earth Dominance and its Geopolitical Implications on Global Alternative Energy Development”. I was also selected to participate in the “Worldviews in Science, Technology and Art in International Relations” (STAIR) working group. The working group, led by Prof. J.P. Singh (who also chaired my JSS session) brings together IR scholars studying issues of science, technology and art to discuss the diverse theoretical and methodological approaches as well as current topics in STAIR research.

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  1. Yujia says:

    Thanks so much Dr. Lawrence!

  2. Congratulations on your paper presentation and selection to the STAIR working group!

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